Sampo Lassila Narinkka: Suomiklezmer 2

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Label: Narinkaattori Records

Released: 2024

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The third album of the original Finnish klezmerband Sampo Lassila Narinkka is a tribute to East Helsinki. For its lively neighbourhoods, their stories, nature and people.
As a counterpoint, to tie this new music to the history of klezmer in the European past world, songs from the classic klezmer repertoire were chosen: beautiful, luscious, and some of which are still relevant to this time on some level.
East Helsinki is a combination of ruggedness and beauty. It is not the Helsinki of better-off people that the rest of Finland laughs at a little, maybe even envies. It is rooted, even a little scary, Harlem of Helsinki.
But can the character and places of East Helsinki even be described with the new Finnish klezmer music? A series of songs was born: East-Helsinki Suite, klezmer images from East Helsinki.
The spirit of live playing is strongly present in the music. The sound is only acoustic, no electric instruments are used. The authentic sound- scapes of East Helsinki can place the listener in different landscapes, for example in Roihuvuori’s 24/7 or in Vartioharju during May in small hours.
Welcome to East Helsinki.
More info about the album and background info and stories behind the the compositions is found on the web page of the band: email:
Sampo Lassila Narinkka is the only band in the world playing original modern Finnish klezmer – the style of the band, led by Sampo Lassila, has actually created an own genre in the Finnish music scene.
After playing years traditional klezmer in the 1990’s, Lassila realized that Finnish klezmer just didn’t exist. so he decided to roll up, start working and create a new style and sound that would be distinctively Finnish klezmer.

The music is new, Finnish and European worldmusic, acoustic klezmer, that mixes a wide range of influences from traditional Jewish, Finnish and Balkan folk music even to Scandinavian contemporary chamber music and jazz – with distinctive Finnish-sounding melodies and soundworlds, Finnish mentality, humour and musical stories, but still respecting the rich and wonderful tradition of klezmer.
It would be too easy to call this music just klezmer, the idea is much more open. The musical multicultural heritage in the Finnish urbanenvironment is the root idea of Narinkka’s music.

Neoklezmer, Finnish Worldjazz, Klezmerjazz, Contemporary Finnish World Music??
In it’s music, Sampo Lassila Narinkka actually melts the traditional klezmer -style into the special Finnish atmosphere – the feeling in the Narinkka’s music is distinctively slavic, sentimental, rugged, somehow touchingly honest, but suddenly almost scaringly strong.
But, ultimately, Sampo Lassila NARINKKA’s acoustic music is really based on that very special moment, when a listener and the musicians can really connect in music, in human music.
Sampo Lassila Narinkka line-up
Sampo Lassila, double bass, compositions
Aleksi Trygg, viola pomposa
Markku Lepistö, accordion
Janne Tuomi, suitcasesd, percussion

Narinkka was grounded by Sampo Lassila in 2010. The debut-album raised straight up to 4th place in the World Music Charts Europe in February 2013 and stayed for three moths in the Top20. Also was this album scored 16. in the World Music Charts Europe for the whole year 2013. Narinkka has performed eg. in Helsinki Festival at the Huvila world music series among many other festivals and concerts and toured in Germany, Iceland, Sweden and Finland. The second album of the group, ‘In Strange Lands – Vierailla mailla was published in Finland in March 2016 and raised into Top20 in three international world music charts. In February 2016 the second album of Sampo Lassila Narinkka was nominated for the Etno-Emma music prize in Finland.
Artistic producer Sampo Lassila
Recording Aleksi Villberg, Sonic Pump Studios
Sampo Lassila, Narinkaattori Studios
Mixed by Mikko Raita at Studio Kekkonen
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck
Layout Jimmy Träskelin
Photos Marika Kecskeméti (cover photo), Sini Liimatainen, Sampo Lassila
Executive producer Sampo Lassila
(P)& (C) Narinkaattori Records

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