Various artists: Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación!

Vinyl | 28,00 

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Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación! delves into the heart of Dominican merengue, a genre whose significance often eludes the spotlight. Bongo Joe’s venture into unexplored terrain takes us to the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, shedding light on its musical tapestry. Curated by Xavier Daive, aka Funky Bompa, the compilation unveils rare ’60s and ’70s gems, providing a glimpse into a transformative period following the fall of the Trujillo regime.

With over 20 years in the Dominican Republic, Xavier Daive meticulously sources original 45s, offering a snapshot of merengue’s evolution during a creatively charged era post-Trujillo. The genre’s roots, dating back to the 19th-century Dominican Republic, predate salsa, establishing its unique identity with the introduction of accordions via German trade ships. The genre’s classic típico configuration emerged in the mid-’60s, leaving a lasting impact on its evolution.

Focused on the explosive ’60s and ’70s merengue típico scene, influenced by genre pioneers like “Tatico” Henríquez and Trio Reynoso, the compilation showcases technical finesse and high-speed rhythms. Tracks like Rafaelito Román’s “Que Mala Suerte” embody the genre’s infectious energy. Aristides Ramírez’s “Los Lanbones” adds a touch of humor, cautioning against pub freeloaders. Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación transcends the realms of a typical reissue; it’s an immersive journey into the roots of Dominican merengue, expanding its narrative beyond borders to enrich the global musical landscape.

This compilation goes beyond individual tracks, providing a historical and cultural context, enriching our understanding of the genre’s evolution in the Dominican Republic during a crucial period. Designed for both connoisseurs and wild dancefloors, this compilation is not only a historical and cultural exploration but also a treasure trove for DJs seeking to infuse their sets with the vibrant rhythms of merengue típico.

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