Meril Wubslin: Faire Ça

Vinyl | 27,00 

Media Condition: M

Sleeve Condition: M

Label: Bongo Joe Records

Released: 2024

Preorder: 01.03.2024

Embarking on an unprecedented musical odyssey, Meril Wubslin unveils their highly anticipated fourth album, “Faire Ça,” a sonic journey recorded in Kwake Bass’ South London studio. This nine-track masterpiece defies genre boundaries, seamlessly merging blues, folk, post-rock, and dub, resulting in a distinctive and unparalleled palette born from all-night sessions and a shared love for avant-garde composers.

Collaborating with Kwake Bass, celebrated for groundbreaking work with Sampha and Kae Tempest, the trio fearlessly navigates unfamiliar soundscapes. From the intimate blues and folk-inspired “Grands Espaces” to the experimental fusion of “La Main,” and the electro-blues percussion of “Famille Phare,” “Faire Ça” showcases the band’s ability to craft a bold new shade that transcends its musical ingredients.

Breaking free from norms, “Faire Ça” promises enduring musical rewards and solidifies the band’s dedication to continuous evolution and exploration beyond the confines of conventional expectations.

Weight 230 g



Mint (M)